As part of the Community Service Program, Western Australian students contribute a minimum of 20 hours service to the community, typically during Years 10 and 11. Completion of the 20 hours service is required to achieve the WA Certificate of Education at the end of Year 12.

The program aims to:

  • develop a culture and ethos of service in secondary schools;
  • provide opportunities for students to exercise responsibility and develop leadership skills by solving real-life problems;
  • provide opportunities for students to learn through helping others; and
  • recognise the contribution of students who already participate in service activities in their own time.

Volunteering WA supports the Community Service Program, as young people will graduate from high school having an opportunity to experience the intrinsic value of community service. Research has shown that if people are exposed to service when they are young, they are more likely to serve the community as adults.
Click here to visit WA's Department of Education and Training web site. Then click on Student Engagement, then Community Service (under Information) for details of the Community Service Program.